Meet the artist

self largeMy name is David Rosolko. I have lived in Hudson for 25 years. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art (Massahht) with a BFA in Communication Design long before the computer age settled in. I have worked in the Graphic Design field for over 35 years and have done everything including print and web design & production, paste-up, color correcting, murals, face painting, caricatures, wedding photography, calligraphy and design & installation of signage, along with short stints at bartending, construction, tarring roofs and other jobs that I’m sure I will look back on and laugh at when I’m 90 (but not yet).

In all that time I never tired of doing my own painting, paper maché sculpture, wood carving, photography, computer graphics & painting, and, of course, snow and sand sculpting. Nothing makes me happier than when I am in front of my easel (or computer) painting and listening to music. For me, it has always been more about the process than the end result. At Paint Misbehavin’, I think we can achieve both!

I’ll admit that the original idea of a “paint & sip” studio was not my own. It fact, at the time whomever thought of it came up with the concept, I was probably knee-deep in a pseudo-design job that I dreaded going to most days and spending my nights and weekends in my studio working on paintings and sculptures that would most likely never be seen beyond the confines of my dungeon.

I remember saying a while ago that I always knew what I wanted to do with my life, it just took me this long to actually do it. Paint Misbehavin’ gives me the opportunity to combine my passion, talents and experiences and share them with you. So, here’s the plan. At Paint Misbehavin’ I’m going to spend my time painting, listening to music, and creating new experiences. If you would like to join me I will share my love and knowledge of art with you!