Kids Parties

IMG_0082 (2)Have a painting party for your child’s birthday party!

Kids love to paint… Let us help you customize a fun and unique birthday party for your child.

The guest of honor may choose which painting he/she would like to do. Dave will teach the children with the same step-by-step approach he uses for our adult classes.

Each child goes home with their very own painting that they have done from scratch. What a great way to remember their friend’s birthday celebration!

You are welcome to bring in anything you’d like for food, snacks, cake, etc. We have tables set aside for the kids to eat.

$200 (minimum) for up to the first 8 kids. $20 per person for the 9th and above. Parties are approximately 2 hours long, which includes snack breaks and singing Happy Birthday!

Below are some of the paintings available for kids parties.

Contact us online or by phone 978-618-0794 to discuss the details and plan your party.